Southern California's Ryan Robs Cris brings the gift of high-energy impact rock and roll to a world that desperately needs it. The band puts down its own fresh take on modern rock that combines upbeat songs, harmonized guitars, and hit-single hooks into a sound that's making speakers very happy everywhere it's played. They get compared to Sum 41, Avenged Sevenfold, and Puddle Of Mudd but are too artistically complex to be defined so simply.

Band members: The Singer (vocals and guitar), The Lead Guitar (lead guitar), The Bass Player (bass and backup vocals), and The Drummer (drums) believe in their music so much that they keep their faces and identities hidden and let their tracks do all the talking. This anonymity gives them the most freedom possible and makes their fans focus on what's truly important. They will be dropping their entire catalog of songs on all major streaming platforms soon and look forward to watching each one develop a life of its own. Rockers seeking kick-ass new music without annoying displays of ego and pretense need to discover Ryan Robs Cris and get loud. It's the right thing to do.